Mid-Plains Center Unveils Bold Expansion Plans

Celebrating more than 50 years of service as Grand Island’s premier community mental health center, Mid-Plains Center for Behavioral Healthcare Services is forging ahead with ambitious plans aimed at transforming and expanding its offerings.

During a special Open House event for local community partners on Friday, June 21, Mid-Plains Center revealed a series of groundbreaking initiatives designed to bolster their commitment to public service. Chief Executive Officer Chase Francl spotlighted several key developments, including the unveiling of the newly remodeled Outpatient Clinic. The occasion also marked a significant milestone with the announcement of enhanced detox services, made possible by a recent funding award. The event culminated in an official ribbon-cutting ceremony and an exclusive tour showcasing their innovative collaboration with Genoa Healthcare to integrate pharmacy services directly within their clinic.

Reflecting on these advancements, CEO Chase Francl, “Witnessing our vision for Mid-Plains Center unfold has been truly remarkable. We are deeply grateful for the support and collaboration of our partners as we tackle the challenges facing our community head-on.”

A pivotal aspect of their expansion includes a strategic partnership with Genoa Healthcare, elevating Mid-Plains Center to one of the few behavioral health agencies in Nebraska capable of providing comprehensive prescribing and dispensing services. Spearheaded by clinic nurse Adrian Kamtz, this initiative has already demonstrated its value in increasing medication compliance for both physical and mental health treatments of Mid-Plains consumers.

In conjunction with the Outpatient Clinic renovation and pharmacy integration, Mid-Plains Center collaborated closely with Region 3 Behavioral Health Services to secure approval for a $1.2 million funding request. This funding will facilitate the relocation and expansion of their Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU), currently serving nearly 1,200 Nebraskans annually. The expanded CSU, slated to move to the former Golden Living Park Place nursing home on Faidley Ave, will feature a state-of-the-art 16-bed facility and includes four dedicated beds for opiate detoxification. This move aims to address escalating demand and reduce the need for affected individuals to travel to distant facilities.

“The opioid crisis demands decisive action, and we are grateful to be among the first to access the Opioid Settlement Funds,” stated CEO Chase Francl. These funds, part of a historic $26 billion settlement aimed at combating opioid abuse, underscore Nebraska’s commitment to bolstering infrastructure for prevention, treatment, and recovery services.

Grand Island Fire Chief Cory Schmidt voiced his support of the expansion, “As a member of the Opioid Remediation Advisory Committee, I’m thrilled to see settlement funds being used exactly where they are needed,” The Grand Island Fire Department, which since 1980 has used Narcan, a medication to reverse opioid overdoses, already averages 15-20 uses per year. “We are proud to partner with Mid-Plains Center to combat addiction.” Schmidt added.

Looking ahead, Mid-Plains Center has submitted additional funding requests to expand wrap-around services for their expanded detox unit. These enhancements include ongoing support planning, initiation of Medication-Assisted Treatment for opiate management at their outpatient clinic, and improved access to telehealth services for clients.

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