Mid-Plains Center Announces Partnership with Genoa Healthcare

On Friday, June 21st, Mid-Plains Center held an Open House and ribbon-cutting event to showcase their recent partnership with Genoa Healthcare.

As a leading provider of specialized pharmacy services for individuals with behavioral health needs, Genoa Healthcare has developed an innovative model of physically embedding pharmacy services within behavioral health facilities.  Their partnership with Mid-Plains Center has now expanded their reach to the central part of the state as they now serve seven locations throughout Nebraska.

Mid-Plains CEO Chase Francl remarked “When they approached us about a partnership, it honestly sounded too good to be true. Yet as I checked in with other organizations they were already embedded in, I was told time and again to not let them get away. I’m pleased to say they have been absolutely everything they promised and more.”

A major selling point is Genoa’s ability to share dispensing information with clinical staff, providing vital information to treatment teams if prescriptions are not being refilled or are being requested too early.  This allows teams to recognize medication compliance challenges, bring in additional coaching, or understand if medication isn’t working as intended.  “The ability to have these conversations makes all the difference,” says Francl. 

Located conveniently within the Mid-Plains outpatient clinic, Genoa Pharmacy offers a full range of services, including on-site medication packaging and dispensing, personalized support, and daily coordination with the Mid-Plains provider team.  Along with their expertise in mental health, Genoa Pharmacy supports physical health needs as well, ensuring clients receive the highest quality support for all their medication needs in one convenient location.

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