Day Reporting Services*

*Program not accredited by COA

Day Reporting Services at Mid-Plains Center aim to promote public safety and reduce the need for out-of-home placements by allowing youth ages 12-18 to reside in their communities while addressing problems and developing the attitudes and skills needed to make responsible choices, avoid negative behaviors, and become productive, connected, and law-abiding members of their communities. This can be achieved through accurate assessment, psychoeducation, behavioral monitoring, community integration, and staff mentoring.

Mid-Plains Center offers flexible hours to accommodate the varying needs of our youth and families, and makes every effort to accommodate school schedules, therapy appointments, and extracurricular activities. Mid-Plains Center also works with families to help provide transportation to and from Day Reporting activities.

While in services, youth are engaged in a variety of groups and activities aimed at helping promote positive interactions with peers and adults. Youth assume the responsibility to help determine which groups, projects, and activities they want to undertake. Along with these services, our team of dedicated Youth Support Workers provide mentoring to help each youth achieve their personal goals, whether through helping with school work, assisting to find a job, or learning to regain control of their situation.

Youth Eligibility:
  • Referred by Nebraska State Probation, County Diversion, or Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Must be medically and mentally fit to participate in Day Reporting Activities.
  • Must not be a danger to themselves or others.

3:00 - 7:00

124 West 25th St. Suite A1
Kearney NE 68847